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County Oil Trucks Pass Inspections Fall Inspections

(Woodbury) -- Every fall season the Gloucester County Office of Weights and Measures inspects all home heating fuel companies to have their truck’s meters and registration cards validated and sealed. This process ensures that county consumers are getting a gallon of fuel for the price they are paying.

“This yearly round of inspections is crucial for consumers and fuel dealers alike. The consumer is assured that they are getting what they pay for and fuel dealers aren’t dispensing more fuel that what they are charging the customer,” Gloucester County Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney said about the inspection process. 

“With the high price of fuel oil this year, consumers should be vigilant about their consumption of fuel and take the necessary steps to prevent acts of fraud. One way to do this is to have your fuel tank inspected by a reputable dealer and make sure that your tank’s gauge is working properly and you have no leaks in the lines,” Sweeney advised.

“The Weights and Measures office will inspect over 85 fuel oil delivery trucks,” said Freeholder Giuseppe (Joe) Chila. “To date most have had their meters inspected and sealed by a special wire and lead identification marker,” Chila stated. Freeholder Chila is Liaison to the Office of Consumer Protection/Weights and Measures.

Chila said that vehicles that pass the inspection receive a yellow certification card from the County Weights and Measures Office.

Freeholder Chila added that any consumer who has questions about their deliveries can call the Weights and Measures office for tips and filing a complaint if the need arises. “However, the fuel dealers in Gloucester County have always being cooperative and forthright with our Weights and Measures personnel,” Chila said.

Chila said that consumers should do the following to ensure that they receive what they are paying for:

  1. Request a specific date for delivery and be home at the time of delivery.
  2. Request to include the price per gallon on the delivery ticket. When you receive your bill, compare the ticket price against the billing price. They should match.
  3. Make sure you receive a delivery ticket issued upon the completion of a delivery that includes the gallons automatically printed by the metering device, not hand written.

The County Weights and Measures Office should have all trucks inspected by the end of the month. Residents with questions for the Gloucester County Weights and Measures Office can call 856-384-6855.