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Gloucester County Welcomes Diversified Industries to Woolwich 65 Manufacturing Jobs Move to 115,000 Square Foot Facility on High Hill Road

(Woolwich, NJ) - Gloucester County welcomed the sixty five employees of Diversified Industries, Inc., to the community today at a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the manufacturing company's move to High Hill Road in Woolwich.  Diversified Industries is a global provider of foam fabricated products whose clients include Ford, Mercedes, Toyota, Xerox and Electrolux.   

"I am not only thrilled we were able to bring 65 jobs to Gloucester County, I am thrilled we were able to keep them in New Jersey," said NJ Senate President and Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney. 

"Our county and state Economic Development Team worked very hard to keep Diversified Industries in New Jersey and we are thrilled they have chosen Gloucester County as their new home.  They are a company with a strong track record that started manufacturing foam products in 1982 and they are the type of business that provides good jobs to our hard working families," Sweeney stated.

Craig Kean, Diversified Industries' Chief Operating Officer said that in he couldn't be more thrilled about their new home in Woolwich.  "We out grew of our location in Pennsauken and we have experienced a level of service here that made us want to remain in the region.  We were very close to selecting a site in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, but as a resident of Gloucester County, I am very proud that were able to keep our manufacturing industry here."

Gloucester County provided site assistance to relocate their company to the 115,000 square foot facility in Woolwich and is currently working on customized job training and finding additional employees for Diversified Industries, Inc.   The company also received a $173,985 Business Employment Incentive Program (BEIP grant) for the creation of 30 new jobs given over 10 years, and a Business Retention Grant (BRAAG) of up to $88,400 for the retention of 68 jobs in New Jersey.

Freeholder Giuseppe (Joe) Chila, who also serves as the Mayor of Woolwich Township, said, "We are fortunate in this economic climate to have a company like Diversified Industries move into our community.  They have made a major capital investment in this facility and they have made a commitment to hire Gloucester County residents whenever possible.  We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them. "