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County Shredding Event on June 19th 2011

(Clayton, NJ) - Gloucester County will hold the 5th Annual BIG Shredding Event on Saturday, June 19th 2011 from 8 AM to 12 NOON at the Gloucester County Government Complex, 1200 N. Delsea Drive, Clayton. 
"This free event offers residents an opportunity to safely and securely dispose of documents to help protect them from identity theft," said Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney.  
"Last year we had over 600 cars pull up throughout the event to dispose of their personal documents.   It is a very well organized event so people don't have to worry about waiting in line too long, and you can get in and out pretty quickly," said Sweeney.
The Shredding event is free and open to residents of Gloucester County.  To ensure all documents are properly disposed of, an industrial size shredder truck will be on site along with county investigative and law enforcement personnel as well as security staff. 

Paper will be accepted in boxes and bags, staples in paper are fine, but no clips or binder clips are acceptable, neither are books or magazines. Residents can choose either the convenient drive-thru system where people can drop off their documents in a secured area, or if they prefer to take a few more minutes, they can stay to observe their documents getting shredded.
Freeholder Giuseppe (Joe) Chila said that identity theft is primarily a low-tech crime that occurs most often in traditional physical channels, like "dumpster divers" who go after trash that contains old bank statements or credit card invoices.  Even offers of credit you receive in the mail should be shredded if they have your name on them.
"Properly destroying sensitive information will go a long way in protecting your identity," said Freeholder Chila.  "You can minimize the potential for identity theft by paying closer attention to how you handle information in your wallet, paper bills, statements, and other documents and files. Shredding older files is a proven way to help protect against identity theft." Freeholder Chila is the Freeholder Liaison to the Department of Consumer Protection.
The BIG Shredding event is offered to county residents through a partnership of the Board of Freeholders, County Office of Consumer Protection, the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office and the Gloucester County Prosecutors Office.  The shredding will be performed by DocuVault, a Gloucester County company located in Thorofare. 

If someone suspects they are a victim of identity theft they should contact their local police department immediately. 

The BIG Shredding event is opened to Gloucester County residents only and each household will be limited to 3 boxes or 3 bags of household paper not to exceed 75 pounds.  The event will be held rain or shine and no businesses will be permitted.  Residents can call 384-6855 with questions.