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322 Widening and Traffic Signal Improvements Complete

(Mullica Hill, NJ) - Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney and Freeholder Deputy Director
Robert M. Damminger announced today that the Route 322 Richwood Phase II construction has
been completed.
This portion of the Route 322 improvement consisted of widening Route 322 to a five lane
roadway (two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane). The widening runs from the
traffic signal at Lambs Road (CR 635) to just west of the traffic signal at Barnsboro Road (CR
609). The two traffic signals have left hand turn arrows on the County Route approaches and
turn lanes were constructed on Barnsboro Road and Lambs Road to improve the left hand turn
"We wanted this construction to be completed before the summer got into full swing. 27,000
vehicles that travel this area on a daily basis and each phase we complete of 322 offers an
immediate relief in traffic delays," said Freeholder Director Sweeney.
Sweeney said, "Road construction is never easy for travelers, but this entire project is making a
huge impact on the quality of life for the people who live here and work here. People saw an
immediate difference in traffic when we completed the first section of this project and now they
will have even more relief," Director Sweeney stated.
Freeholder Deputy Director Damminger said that the Route 322 project is one of the largest
infrastructure improvements projects undertaken by the county and it is being completed in
"This is the major east-west corridor through the county. Before we began to make these
improvements the traffic here was horrible, you could sit at a light for four or more minutes and
not move," Damminger said. "The improvements the county has set into place will keep the
flow of traffic moving without backups."
Damminger said that the Phase II Improvements were completed taking into account 20 year
growth so that the Level Of Service (LOS) remains at a Level B or better. It is calculated that the
longest delay for the 20 year projection along Route 322 through the two intersections will not
exceed 22 seconds, with traffic clearing the intersection in one cycle of the traffic light.
In June 2009 the County completed Phase I of the Route 322. Phase I Richwood included
installing a Jug Handle Road between Route 322 and Lambs Road (CR 635), installing a connector
road between Harrisonville Road (CR618) and Richwood Road (CR609), and widening Route 322
at both intersections with Lambs Road and Barnsboro Road. Harrisonville Road was turned into
a one-way away from the intersection at Route 322.
Last month the county broke ground on the first phase of the Route 322 Bypass. Phase I of the
bypass will reconnect to the existing alignment of Route 322 at a new signalized intersection at
Clems Run Road (CR 623). A small section of this 1 ½ mile new road will utilize a section of
Walters Road. Walters Road is being realigned with the new roadway to allow for better traffic