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Federal Stimulus Funds Will Be Used to More Upgrades to Route 322

 (Harrison Twp., NJ) - Gloucester County Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney and Freeholder Deputy Director Robert M. Damminger announced that the County will begin more road improvements to Route 322 using $783,223 in Federal Stimulus funding starting Tuesday, July 6, 2010. 

Sweeney and Damminger said that the county will be completing resurfacing and safety improvements along Route 322 between Clems Run Road (CR 623) and Harrisonville Rd. (CR 618) in the Township of Harrison

This project will consist of milling, resurfacing, and concrete repairs (where necessary) along Route 322  between Clems Run Road (CR 623)  and Harrisonville Rd. (CR 618) The total project distance is 2 miles.

"The County was aggressive in applying for federal stimulus funding and back in March we learned that we received the federal money to complete this resurfacing," said Freeholder Director Sweeney.  "After all of the work the county has done on the first few phases of the Route 322 improvements, it is great to be able to do more." 

On June 29th the County completed the widening and traffic improvements to the Richwood section of Route 322 to reduce the traffic.  Last month the county broke ground of the first phase of the 322 By Pass at Clems Run Road and Walters Road. 

Freeholder Damminger said that additional Federal Stimulus funding became available when other projects from around the state could not meet the federal requirements. 

Damminger said that the ARRA Federal Stimulus roadway safety improvements will include replacement of existing inlet grates with new bicycle safe grates, new traffic striping, and curb replacement in designated areas. Residents will have access to their driveways at all times and driveway aprons within the project limits shall be maintained by the contractor during construction.

"Gloucester County has received more federal stimulus funding than any other county in our region by having our plans prepared," said Damminger.  "We continued to apply for funding and we would continue to get approved when other locations didn't have all of their applications or plans approved.  Gloucester County received a total $14,800,000 in federal funding for road projects," Deputy Damminger said.  Freeholder Damminger is the liaison to the Department of Public Works.

During construction, traffic along Route 322 will be maintained by way of lane shifts or alternating traffic. A road detour may be implemented during milling and paving activities. This project is an ARRA Federal Stimulus Project and is Federally Funded.  South State Inc. is the contractor. 

This project is anticipated being completed within 30 days after start date.