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Veterans Amputee Golf Event at Pitman Golf Course 18 Amputee Veterans Will Play 9 holes at County's Course as part of their Rehabilitation

(Pitman, NJ) - Gloucester County's Pitman Golf Course will host the Amputee Veteran's Next Step Golf Clinic on September 23 from 9 am until 12 noon. The event is presented by the Amputee Veterans First Swing Golf Clinic and will feature 36 golfers, 18 of which will be Amputee Veterans.

"We are thrilled that the VA has chosen come to Gloucester County for their third Amputee Veterans Golf Clinic," said Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney.

Sweeney said, "Due to the close work we have done together on behalf of our Veterans at the VA Medical Clinic in Sewell Gloucester County has a very unique relationship with VA, their leadership and staff. The VA provides more than just the standard band-aid medical care at our clinic and this program is another example of their dedication to our veterans. The people who lead and participate in this effort are truly amazing and they provide a new way to think about rehabilitation."

Christopher Nowak, VISN 4 Chief of Prosthetics, and Bethany Purdue, Recreational Therapist at the Philadelphia Veterans Medical Center developed the Golf Clinic appropriately titled the Amputee Veterans Next Step Golf Clinic. This clinic is for amputee Veterans who have completed the First Swing clinic and are ready to move forward in their rehabilitation and abilities in the game of golf. The Next Step golf clinic offers the Veterans the opportunity to play in a golf scramble and learn the rules and skills needed to play a complete game.

Freeholder Giuseppe (Joe) Chila said, "The County is honored to share in this educational and therapeutic experience with the Veterans Community. Our Citizens must be aware of this event and show support for these Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country. Gloucester County always has our doors open to our Veterans and organizations that support them. " Chila is the Freeholder Liaison to the County Office of Veterans Affairs. 

The clinic is a nine-hole golf scramble format comprised of nine teams, each made up of 2 amputee Veterans, one golf teaching professional, and one special guest. They will spend the morning out on the course learning all about the game, and receiving tips and hands-on assistance from the pros. The goal of the Next Step is to give the Veterans the tools they need to be able to play a game of golf on their own and continue on the path of rehabilitation and recovery. 

In addition to the 18 Amputee Golfers, special guests will include Dr. Robert L. Jesse, Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Health, Washington DC, Dr. Billie J. Randolph, Deputy Chief Consultant Prosthetics, VHA , Washington DC, Dr. David Macpherson, Chief Medical Officer, VISN 04, Pittsburgh PA, and Mr. John Callahan, Acting Associate Director, VAMC, Philadelphia, PA.

Freeholder Frank J. DiMarco, liaison to the County's Golf Course said he is anxious for the event. ". I think it is really wonderful what the VA and county have partnered to do. It is going to be awesome to watch our Veterans get the opportunity to play, learn from PGA professionals and enjoy a game that presents its own challenges. " 

Light refreshments in the morning and lunch at Bogeys will be provided at the Pitman Golf Course to the golfers courtesy of Army-Navy Garrison #52 in National Park