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County & Deptford Township Purchase Open Space Property County & Deptford Township Purchase Open Space Property

(Deptford Twp., NJ) - A real-estate settlement is taking place today where Gloucester County will  purchase a 7 acre parcel of land in Deptford, which will be deeded over to the Township for open space. 

"This is the County's first Open Space project for Deptford Township and the last undeveloped area in the Oak Valley section and now it will be protected from development forever," said Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney.

Freeholder Deputy Director Bob Damminger, who is also the liaison to the County's Office of Land Preservation, said that the 7 acre property will be deeded to Deptford Township at the settlement. The Deptford purchase would be a traditional county/municipal purchase where the county funds 75% of the purchase and the municipality funds the remaining 25%.

"It is great that we are able to purchase open space in one of our more developed municipalities.  The county has had overwhelming support for its open space program because residents want to preserve land and the character of the county," Damminger said.  "It is a great opportunity to be able to purchase the land in Deptford and deed it over to the township," stated Freeholder Damminger.

Deptford Township Mayor Paul Medany said, "The property is wooded and would be great for some kind of passive recreation, but we are still evaluating the different possibilities for it. Right now we have been focusing on the actual preservation of the property."

"This purchase is an investment in Deptford's environment and our future," said Mayor Medany.

Gloucester County has preserved 700 acres in 2007 (16 properties,14 farmland, 2 open space), and since the preservation programs' inception the county has preserved 11,874 acres of  farmland and 2,562 acres of open space. The Gloucester County Office of Land Preservation is working to purchase another 3 open space properties before the end of the year that would add about 175 acres to this year's total. 

The cost of the Deptford open space is $140,000.00 with Gloucester County funding $105,000.00 and Deptford Township covering the remaining $35,000.00. Gloucester County will seek a cost-share grant in the amount of $70,000.00 from the State of New Jersey Green Acres Program for this property