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Motorist Alert Resurfacing & Safety Improvements CR 551 Kings Highway in West Deptford and City of Woodbury

On or about Monday, October 4, 2010 the County of Gloucester will begin resurfacing and safety improvements along Kings Highway/Salem Avenue (CR 551), between Jessup Rd. (CR 660) and State Highway 45, in West Deptford Township and the City of Woodbury.

This project will consist of milling, resurfacing, and concrete repairs (where necessary). Roadway safety improvements will include replacement of existing inlet grates with new bicycle safe grates, replacement of guide rail, new traffic striping, curbing/ramps and sidewalk in designated areas. The existing traffic Signal at the intersection of Acme Drive will be upgraded with new pedestrian facilities.

The road will remain open and traffic along Kings Highway (CR 551) shall be maintained by way of lane shifts or alternating traffic.

Residents will have access to their driveways at all times. Driveway aprons within the project limits will be maintained by the contractor during construction. R. E. Pierson Construction Co. is the contractor on site.

The project should be completed within 60 days after start date. This project is 100% federally funded.