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County Warns Job Seekers of Scam

(Woodbury, NJ)- Gloucester County Freeholders today warned job-seekers who post their resumes online of a potential employment scam that has been reported by the NJ Department of Labor. 

The NJDOL has been alerted to an investigation of Turner Computer Systems for a potential employment scam involving the New Hampshire Job Match System.  The scam preyed on job seekers who posted resumes to an online site run by New Hampshire Employment Security.  The company posing as an employer sent e-mails and solicitations to lure people into giving up confidential information.  The scam tried to steal money from people who received fraudulent checks in exchange for sending personal bank information.  It requested personal information under the guise of a job interview and offer. 

"Fortunately there have been no reports locally of this scam, but we need everyone to be aware so they can protect themselves,"said Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney.  "It is unfortunate people who are looking for work are viewed as prey to give up their personal information in an employment scam, so everyone needs to be vigilant in protect their information," Sweeney said.

Freeholder Joseph A. Brigandi Jr. said that the NJ DOL has requested that those individuals participating in the County's One-Stop Career Center system be notified of the scam because the incident in New Hampshire occurred within a government setting.

"People using the One Stop services should know that personal banking information is not something the One Stop needs and anyone who calls or emails and asks for it is not from the One Stop, or an employer associated with the One Stop.  If someone is unsure about an email or phone call from a potential employer they should contact their employment counselor," Brigandi said. 

Customers of the One-Stop Career Center system should following the below tips to protect themselves from scams directed at customers seeking services through the One-Stop Career Centers. 

  • * Do not open any unsolicited e-mails or attachments if they are not from a familiar or trusted source;
  • * Beware of e-mails that link to a website that lacks details about who is running the company, where it is based or does not have a phone number to contact the company;
  • * Never provide any personal information such as your date of birth or social security number;
  • * Never provide any banking information without verifying the person with whom you are communicating;
  • * Never deposit suspicious or unexpected checks into your account. Remember that even if your bank makes funds available from a deposit, that does not mean the check is good. It could still be fraudulent or forged and you could be responsible to replace those funds;
  • * Call or check with your local One-Stop office if anyone claims to be "partnering" with our offices; and
  • * If the offer appears "too good to be true", it probably is.
  • Consumers with questions or concerns can reach the Gloucester County One Stop at (856) 251-6800.