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Federal, State & County Leaders Urge NRC to Remove Radioactive Slag from Newfield

(Newfield, NJ) - Gloucester County Freeholder Deputy Director Robert M. Damminger, 4th District Senator Fred Madden, local representatives and residents stood in solidarity today in front of the Newfield Municipal Building to urge federal legislators and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to help ensure that the radioactive waste from the Shieldalloy site is removed.


Last week the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia overturned a 2009 decision that had granted jurisdiction to the State of New Jersey for the removal of radioactive waste in Newfield, Gloucester County.  That decision now leaves control of the clean-up for the Shieldalloy site to the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  


Gloucester County and Senator Madden have maintained the position that the waste must be removed from Newfield and are seeking the assistance of the Federal government and NJDEP to urge the NRC to confirm their prior decision to transfer jurisdiction to the NJDEP.


Senator Fred Madden said that he has requested support from US Senators Menendez and Lautenberg, Congressmen LoBiondo and Andrews and from NJ DEP Commissioner Bob Martin in the effort to have the slag pile relocated from New Jersey.


"We have a strong delegation of lawmakers in Washington DC and we have received a very positive response so far from our Senators and Congressman Andrews, said Senator Madden.  This community has fought too hard to have this slag pile removed from their neighborhoods," Madden stated.


"We were all dismayed when we heard the news of the court ruling," Freeholder Deputy Director Damminger said.  "Gloucester County is urging the NRC to transfer the jurisdiction of remediating the 50,000 tons of radioactive waste located on the site of the former Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corp. to the NJDEP so it can be shipped from New Jersey," the Deputy Freeholder Director stated.


Damminger said the Freeholders would introduce a resolution at their meeting next week urging the NRC to confirm their prior decision and transfer jurisdiction to the NJDEP. Shieldalloy wants to put a cap on this radioactive slag and monitor it for 1000 years.  Senator Madden, our federal representatives and our County wont stand to leave that legacy to our future generations, said Damminger.