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Gloucester County Begins Dispatching for Buena

(Clayton, NJ)-Gloucester County's Office of Emergency Response began dispatching 911 Police/Fire/EMS for Buena Borough of Atlantic County as of 8:00 am, December 1, 2010.

Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney and Freeholder Jean DuBois said that the first day of 'going live' has gone seamlessly, mainly due to the professional staff and the training that has led up to the start of the added town on the system.

"This is a win for everyone involved. Buena is paying Gloucester County to provide a service that we have absorbed into our daily operations," said Director Sweeney.

"Even on a day that the weather is a factor in emergency calls, we have received 1 EMS and 10 law enforcement related calls for service from Buena," said Sweeney. Up until 2:30 pm today the Office of Emergency Response has received a total of 701 law enforcement and 94 fire/EMS calls for service.

Sweeney said, "When you have a great system in place and you can save money or generate revenue for your taxpayers by thinking outside the box you have to try. Everything we are doing with shared services and other counties and municipalities are ways to reduce the cost of government while providing quality services to the taxpayer."

Freeholder Jean DuBois said, "After researching Buena's population, their average annual calls and other information, we knew that we could handle them and not strain our system or the service we provide to our municipalities."

Earlier in the year Gloucester County and Buena Borough entered into a shared service agreement for Gloucester County's Office of Emergency Response to dispatch Police/Fire/EMS for the Borough, who is paying the County $125,000 annually, with a cost adjustment for future years, to provide the service.

Dispatching for Buena did not require any additional staff. Buena is roughly the size of Clayton with a population of less than 4,500.

Freeholder Jean DuBois said, "We have done our due diligence so that public safety and health are not jeopardized."