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Media Advisory/Photo Opportunity DREAM Park - Arenas: National Expert to Discuss Footing Mixes with County and Various Horse Groups

WHAT:          Gloucester County is constructing a state-of-the-art Equestrian Facility (DREAM Park) and is utilizing the services of one of the world's renowned experts, Bob Kiser, of Kiser Arena Specialists, to assist in selection of footing mixes (dirts and sands) to be used in the competition arenas.

The program is geared toward will drawing on Mr. Kiser's experience in order to solicit the input for particular groups' footing mix needs within the context of a multi use equine facility.  20-30 individuals representing various horse communities in the area will be attending this clinic to give their input and to listen to Mr. Kiser's experiences in selecting footing mixes for arenas across the nation and internationally. 

WHEN:          Thursday, July 19, at 6:00 PM

WHERE:        Gloucester County College's Instruction Center Room 430 (adjacent to Health Science Auditorium & next to parking lot F) in Sewell, NJ

WHO:             Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney
Freeholder Helene M. Reed

                        Bob Kiser, Kiser Arena Specialists

                        Representatives from the regional horse industry, various riding clubs, and horse associations - more than 20 attendees to date.


Bob Kiser


Kiser Arena Specialists was established in 1988 by Bob Kiser as a result of being asked by the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) to take over the supervision of the footing for the NRHA Futurity.

 Bob's forty years of farming, and in-depth knowledge of the different kinds of dirts, sands, and moisture management, changed the entire culture of the National Reining Horse Association.

 The significant difference Bob made, over the years, in the footing for the NRHA caught the attention of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and in 1998 he was asked to develop a new footing, and maintain the arenas, for the AQHA World Show and all subsequent AQHA World Championships.

 By 1998 Kiser Arena Specialists was under such demand that Bob invited his son, Jim Kiser, to join his team. Jim was, in his own right, a very accomplished horse trainer and showman but decided to leave that world to assist his father in further developing their family business which included a full line of arena equipment. So, between Bob's expertise in managing footing and designing equipment, and Jim's knowledge of horses and horse shows, they quickly began to dominate North America's arena business.

 Soon, Bob was under demand, world wide, for his unique understanding of arena footing and its effect on the soundness of the horse. Bob's consulting business soon expanded to such levels that in 2003, he and Jim had to split their responsibilities. Bob began to focus more on arena consultation and construction, and Jim developed, and oversaw, several teams who manage major horse shows for over two hundred and fifty days per year. Also, in 2003, Kiser Arena Specialists entered into a partnership with Absolute Innovations, Inc. (Manufacturers of the TR3 Rake) which joined together two of the largest manufactures of arena equipment in the world. Both Bob and Jim are now part owners of this multi-million dollar company.

 Today, Bob travels somewhere every week, all over the world, consulting and building arenas while Jim manages the countries largest horse shows. Both English and Western horsemen and women around the world benefit from the experience and knowledge of Kiser Arena Specialists.

 Both Bob and Jim live, with their wives, in Gainesville Texas, right in the heart of America's horse country.