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New County Health Department Building Will Open on June 18th

(Sewell, NJ)  Gloucester Countys Department of Health is moving into a newly renovated building that will allow the county to efficiently deliver health services to residents.  Freeholder Director Sweeney and Freeholder Helene Reed said that the 60 person staff from the Division of Health is moving to 204 East Holly Avenue in Sewell from its current location on Fries Mill Road in Turnersville and will be accepting clients at their new location beginning June 18th.  

Freeholder Director Sweeney said that the move of the Health Department has been coordinated with several construction projects that are enhancing services while allowing the county to put another property back on the municipal tax roles.  The County Office of the Adjuster will also move to the new location with the Health Department, while the Child Development Center and Special Child Health Unit would be moving later in the summer to early fall to another location.

Sweeney said that the 204 East Holly Avenue Building originally housed the Special Services School District administration, which moved to the campus of GCITs new Education Support Annex last year. 

When the opportunity presented itself to move the Health Department closer to the Department of Social Services and to relocate our Special Child Health Unit to the new Autism School that will open this fall, we moved on it, said Director Sweeney.  After the Autism School opens this September and the children that are currently attending school in the Fries Mill building are transitioned to the new school, the county will conduct another internet auction to sell the Fries Mill building, stated Sweeney.

Gloucester County currently operates a Child Development Center for 80 children affected with Autism at the Fries Mill site in Sewell. 

Director Sweeney, who also serves as liaison to the Department of Buildings and Grounds said that most of the renovations on the new location were done in house saving a significant amount of money.  The county originally budgeted $1.2 million for the renovation and move, excluding furniture.  By performing the work in-house the project has come in under budget, costing $1 million including furniture and a new telephone switch.

Freeholder Helene M. Reed, liaison to the Department of Health said that no immediate changes are anticipated with the current services or clinic hours/times that the Health Department offers.

June 8, 2007  -  New Health Dept. Bldg.

We have a very professional staff and we dont expect any interruption of services during the transition of the move, said Freeholder Reed.  The staff has been working hard to keep a smooth transition while serving clients at their old location while organizing and moving.  We are looking forward to serve clients on June 18th at the new East Holly Avenue location.

With the exception of the 13 member Special Child Health Services program which will stay in the building until their move to the new school, all other units will transfer to this new facility.  They include 5 major divisions:  1) Administrative Services; 2) Environmental Health Services; 3) Personal Health (Public Health Nursing& WIC) Services; 4) Public Health Preparedness Program Services; and 5) Health Education Services.

The Health Department will continue to offer the following services at its new location:
Child Health Services;
Lead Poisoning Prevention Program;
School Age Immunization Program;
Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program;
Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Clinic;
HIV/AIDs Antibody Testing;
Influenza Immunization (Flu Shot) Program;
Reportable Disease program;
Health Education/Public Health Information;
Mental health Administration;
WIC (Women, Infants, & Children) Program;
Food Surveillance Program;
Rabies Program;
Right to Know Program;
Health & Safety Inspections;
Tobacco Age of Sale (TASE) Program;
Groundwater Pollution Control Program (Wells & Septic Systems);
Potable water supply inspections;
Hazardous Materials control services;
Solid Waste Control program;
Surface Water Pollution Control Program;
Body Art program;
Bioterrorism Preparedness/All Hazards Preparedness Program;
Air/Noise Pollution Control Program;
Oral/Dental Health Education Services

Freeholder Reed said that the Health Department sees about 11,000 residents a year at its building.  Being located near the Department of Social Services will have its advantages for many of our residents, said Reed.  Across the street is the Social Services Building and the Health Department will be partnering with them to deliver various Early Periodic and Diagnostic Screening services, and Family Planning Services, stated Reed.

The Health Departments new phone number will be 218-4100 (General Automated Answering System) or 218 - 4101 (Lead Receptionist)