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County Gas Stations Getting Inspected

(Woodbury, NJ) - Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney and Freeholder Giuseppe (Joe) Chila announced today that the Gloucester County Department of Consumer Protection and Weights and Measures have begun their summer inspections of gas stations throughout the county.  With the inspections come new warnings from the state to service station owners regarding the posting of gasoline prices.

The County and State Departments of Weights and Measures are more aggressively enforcing a law that requires stations to post both cash and credit prices at the street, not only on the gas pump.  If a service station is offering different prices for cash and credit purchases, these two prices must be posted at the street.  For instance, if the cash price for regular is 2.90 and the credit price is 2.96, then the sign at the street must clearly state these two prices.

"With current gas prices being at near record levels, consumers need to be confident that they aren't being drawn into a gas station thinking they are paying one price, when actually a higher price is on the pump," stated Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney who supports the added enforcement.  "If a station charges more because a consumer is not paying cash, they must clearly post those different prices at the street so drivers can make a decision before they pull in to fill up," Sweeney stated.

Sweeney said that the county Weights and Measures office will inspect nearly 85 service stations over the next several months and each passing pump will be given a blue inspection sticker indicating the current year's inspection and sealed with a lead stamp.

"We want our consumers to know we are out there inspecting and certifying pumps so they can be confident in their purchase.  And we want the public to know that gas stations are not permitted to raise gasoline prices more than once in a twenty-four hour period," said Freeholder Giuseppe (Joe) Chila, Liaison to the Office of Consumer Protection.

 Chila said, "Consumers should look for the round blue sticker on the gas pump if they have questions about a service station's current inspection status.  We encourage the public to call the office of Weights and Measures if they believe there are irregularities at a specific station in Gloucester County." 

If you have questions or need information regarding a Weights and Measures issue, please call the office at 856-384-6855 or go to their website

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