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Historic Courthouse Bell Returning To County



The historic Courthouse Bell will be removed from the Woodbury Fire Department, Goodwill Station 5-2, in order to be reunited with the County.

In the year 1816, the bell was placed in the County Courthouse Steeple, which was originally constructed in 1787.  When the 1787 Courthouse was torn down for the building of the 1885 Courthouse, the bell was saved and sold to the Fire Warden of the Woodbury Fire Department to be used as a fire bell. 

The Woodbury Fire Department has graciously agreed to let the County reclaim the bell, which will be refurbished and temporarily displayed in the Old Courthouse.

WHEN: Tomorrow, Friday, May 25th    12:30 pm
WHERE: Woodbury Fire Department, Goodwill Station 5-2, 642 N. Broad Street, Woodbury, NJ
WHO: Freeholder Director Stephen M. Sweeney
Freeholder Helene M. Reed, Liaison to Public Safety
Woodbury Mayor Curtis
Excavation Crew